Google Pay Per Click Ads

I Provide Google Ads Management Service to help you get more targeted traffic and leads to your website.

Get More Visits and Leads with Google Ads

Google Pay Per Click 1 google ads service

Google Ads is a popular advertising platform, it allows advertisers to target customers in the most relevant and specific way in google search result page that is typically in the form of text ads.

As a PPC Expert in India, I specialized in creating and managing Google Ads Campaigns that will drive purchases and leads to your website.

I create a cost-effective approach to obtaining qualified customers who are searching for exactly what you offer.

Through a variety of research tools and techniques, I develop an effective Google Ads Campaign focused on increasing your cost per sale or lead.

Google Pay Per Click 1 google ads service

How does my Google Ads Management work

1. Research & Discovery The first step is to research and discover about your business as much as possible, including the target audience, determine your acceptable customer acquisition cost and estimate your maximum cost per click.

2. Competitive & Keyword Research Once I have an idea about your business, It’s time to research your customers, keywords, and competitors. To target the right audience I choose keywords that users are likely to include on their queries when searching for your products and services.

3. Create & Optimize The next step is creating and optimizing the Google Ad campaign. During this process, i utilize the keywords I identified and create various permutations of the same ad.

4. Tracking & Reporting I monitor and track campaigns continuously using A/B testing methods to gain insights on how my strategies are performing.